Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Conversations with God, part 18

What is Love?

Here in the "world of the relative," there's only one way for love to exist, and that's for it to exist in relation to its opposite, which is fear. Walsch writes, "For love to exist and experience itself, God had to create its opposite—fear." You'd think, then, that both love and fear exist in this world. It gets interesting on page 56 when Walsch writes that "Love is all there is" (p.56). What's interesting about that is that if love is all there is, and if fear exists, then fear must be part of love, since if love is all there is, then anything at all that exists must be part of love. Such a conclusion is confirmed later on when Walsch writes, "So, too, is love not the absence of an emotion (hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, covetousness), but the summation of all feeling. It is the sum total. The aggregate amount. The everything. Thus, for the soul to experience perfect love, it must experience every human feeling" (p.83). The problem is that Walsch has already said that fear is the opposite of love, which must mean that fear is everything love is not. Here we have a contradiction. Fear is love, and fear is not love.


There is far more nonsense in Conversations with God then I can go into without writing a review just as long as the book. I hope that what I've written will be enough to convince the critical thinker that his money is best spent elsewhere than on more books and news letters by Neale Donald Walsch. I would not have written this review at all if there weren't people in this world who actually take him seriously.


At 3/17/2010 2:11 PM , Blogger jessica said...

THank you thank you. I sat down with "Conversations" to go through it and write down discrepancies. I only got through a few pages b/c it was so ridiculous that I said screw it. There is just way too much convoluted content in that text.

At 3/17/2010 8:03 PM , Blogger Sam said...

I can relate with that, Jessica. It's hard to write down every problem with the book without ending up just copying the whole book into your notes.

At 7/09/2013 2:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Book 3, God did mentioned that in the end Fear expressed in it's highest form was Love. For instance, Fear for the child's life, and love—enough to risk the mother's own life to
save the child. I find this very logical.
I do take the books seriously.
I welcome you to put more "discrepancies" here, through discussion we can get closer to the truth.


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