Friday, November 04, 2005

Conversations with God, part 10


Since our thoughts and our words are creative, we have to be careful what we think and say. That includes what we think and say in our prayer lives. "You should never ask God for anything because when you ask, you acknowledge lack, and that acknowledgement produces lack in your reality. Instead, you should just thank God for already having it" (p.11). Call it a contradiction or a cruel irony, but later in the book, God says, "My promise to you is to always give you what you ask" (p.73). God will give you what you ask, but you better not ask for anything or you will create lack in your reality. But how can that be? If asking for something creates the reality of not having it, then we will fail to have whatever we ask for. But if God promises to give us whatever we ask for, then asking for something will create the reality of us having it. So if we ask God for anything, we will have it, and we also won't have it. That, to me, seems like a clear case example of a contradiction.

Part 11


At 11/05/2005 6:17 PM , Blogger Steve said...

I think the statement of God promises to get you anything you ask for makes little sense.

If I ask God for a shiney new car will I get one?

I would be interested in the context of that sentence, since if he doesn't qualify that statement a little better it makes it look like God is a genie in a bottle

At 11/06/2005 10:29 AM , Blogger ephphatha said...

Steve, I don't have the book anymore, so I can't give you the context.

At 12/14/2014 9:13 AM , Anonymous Cristina (from Romania) said...

i saw the movie first and i have to say that back then i didn't pay to much attention to discrepancies.the movie looked like some motivational stuff and pretty selective in what concerns everything that this guy put down in his books .and i only saw them clearly when i read his first "novel" .
having read it i must tell you that i felt my values and all that i stand for being mocked at .
as a christian trying to live accordingly to moral values these books are blasphemious and a total mockery to everything that is just and good . reading it made me feel like i was reading some new age crap selling ideas like we are god, god is all , there is no thing like good or evil , the all karma stuff , all put up in some religious syncretism that allows it all and denies it all .


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