Monday, April 11, 2011

Messages from God on Facebook: Hearing the voice of God

Remember when I mentioned that facebook has this "message from God" app that will post a message as if it were God speaking to you? Well, today, one of my friends got a "message from God" that went like this:
On this day, God wants you to know that silence is golden. When we are quiet, we can hear God's messages to us. Sometimes these messages may be in the form of subtle intuition. Sometimes it may feel like an inner knowing. Sometimes we may hear a 'still, small voice.' If it feels right in your heart, trust that it is God speaking to you.
This is a good example of why I don't like these. This is just silly, but unfortunately, a big chunk of the Christian population out there thinks this way. Very few actually try to live their lives this way. The few I've met have not had much success with it.

For the antidote, see Decision Making and the Will of God by Garry Friesen or Decision Making and the Will of God by Gregory Koukl.

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Seth said...

That is dumb. I know saying that doesn't sound like an intelligent remark, but hey that was my first thought.

Now, an actual remark and not an insult: what if cheating on the spouse was in a person's heart? Should he or she follow that? That is just one example of why we can't trust what is in our heart. Too many Christians follow the philosophy of Rousseau