Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The very first post of my very first blog ever.

I decided to start this blog because whenever I read anything in Christian literature, philosophy, or whatever, I always have ideas come pouring into my mind. Sometimes, they're just other ways of articulating what I've read, and other times, they are original thoughts that were sort of inspired by what I read.

Usually what I do in these situations is write them down on a piece of paper if I have one handy. Then I tuck it away somewhere thinking that some day when I write my book, I'm going to go back over these notes I've made and use some of the ideas I put down. Either that or some day I'll go back to these notes and sort of refine my thoughts. I'll think them through a little more and maybe write something more about them.

I just want to see if having a blog will make the whole process a little more fun. I call my blog "primitive thoughts," because the things I write down are not meant to be things I've completely thought through and refined for publishing. Rather, they are my initial ideas about things--things that just pop into my head--that may some day be developed further and refined or abandoned.

Every now and then, I may post a blog containing something I've written down before on one of those sheets of paper but never really got back to. Shoot, I may just post whatever I feel like posting whether it fits the explanations I've given on this blog or not. Ya never know!


Alison said...

congrats on your 1st blog.


Sam Harper said...

Congratulations to YOU, Alison, for being the very first person to make the very first comment on my very first blog entry. Wahoo!

Paul said...
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Jennifer said...

Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for the work you have done here. I work in higher education and will begin studies in philosophy this summer (I am aspiring to make the transition from admin/staff to faculty). I plan to visit here often. (You've chosen a great title as well.) Keep up the good (and fascinating) work.