Friday, March 30, 2018

iPhone battery replacement

I have an iPhone 6. For a while now it's been really slow and sometimes unresponsive. It wouldn't hold a charge for anything. I had to keep it plugged in almost all the time and carry a battery pack with me whenever I went anywhere. I kept it in "low power mode" most of the time. I was really hoping to hold out until September to get a new phone because the iPhone X is buggy. A guy at AT&T told me it was so buggy that Apple was going to stop making it in the next month or so. So I was hoping to hold out until the next version came out, but it didn't look I would be able to.

Thankfully, I googled around and discovered that since a lot of people complained back in December about Apple intentionally slowing the iPhone down, Apple is now offering to change out the battery for a discounted price. It was $79, but now it's $29. I got my battery changed three days ago, and now it's like I have a new phone again. I went a day and a half without even charging it. And now everything runs at normal speed again, too. Yay! So I can probably hold out another year or two before getting another phone. I do like the iPhone X, though, after playing with it in the store.

I'm telling you this because if you are in the same situation I was in, you can go here and click on "start a battery replacement," and make an appointment to have your battery replaced. I was able to make an appointment for three days later, and when I took it in, it took two hours before I got my phone back.

See? Sometimes I do provide useful information.

EDIT: I should add that when I made a reservation to have my battery replaced, I got an email saying I needed to reserve a battery or make sure they had batteries in stock. When I clicked the link to reserve a battery, I got a notification that said something like, "We don't do that anymore." I don't remember the exact words. But I just decided to show up for the appointment anyway to see what happened. They said they had batteries in stock, so they were able to replace my battery within two hours. Everything went smoothly.


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